queensryche.JPG (99207 bytes)

Caller ID when I interviewed Geoff Tate

dragonforce.JPG (164508 bytes)

Mike and Kaley backstage with Dragonforce

LJ.JPG (79192 bytes)

Kaley with Sevendust's L.J.

spawningechos.jpg (319249 bytes)

Spawning Echos on The Underworld - 8/1/06

Anticement___The_Underworld.jpg (867762 bytes)

Anticement on The Underworld - 7/18/06

i.JPG (208086 bytes)

i at the Dover Brickhouse - 7/29/06

windowpain.jpg (202435 bytes)

Window Pain at the Brickhouse - 7/29/06

angryhill.jpg (226405 bytes)

Angry Hill at the Brickhouse - 7/29/06

memorybox.jpg (182183 bytes)

Memorybox on The Underworld - 

twosidedseason.jpg (127087 bytes)

Two Sided Season at Seacoast Metal Fest

q1.jpg (119609 bytes)

Q at the Seacoast Metal Fest 

q2.jpg (68325 bytes)

More Q from the Seacoast Metal Fest  

missyb.jpg (91292 bytes)

Missy B of Q at the Seacoast Metal Fest- 

Spawning Echos

Spawning Echos plays killa acoustic tunes

Billy on the left, Kaptain on the right.

Billy and Kaptain Kirk jammin' on the show 

spawningacoustic3.jpg (215699 bytes)

Mike pounds out a solo - acoustic-style.

spawningacoustic4.jpg (201381 bytes)

Joel seems to miss his beautiful drum kit.

Three bald guys. Two fat, one skinny.

Hammer, Mike, and Chris Mangone.

Damn. That's a lot of scalp.

Mike, Hammer, and Chris Mangone.

mongrel.jpg (179382 bytes)

Mongrel with Mike and Kaley at Reflections.

covenof13(2).jpg (234837 bytes)

Coven of 13 with Mike and Hammer.

covenof13(1).jpg (194077 bytes)

Coven of 13 in the studio with Mike and Hammer.

Check out the temperature on the back wall! The dark forces were prefectly aligned. . . .

A weather check with Jessica and Druid Debra from Coven of 13.

Hour Past 1.jpg (239350 bytes)

Hour Past outside the studio with  Mike and Hammer.

Hour Past 2.jpg (237788 bytes)

Hour Past in front of Hammer's ride.

Yup, that's my gut.

Jake and the Jakes live on The Underworld

jakes.jpg (49938 bytes)

Jake and the Jakes live on The Underworld

q_bass.jpg (62044 bytes)


Qs bassist

q_drummer.jpg (84850 bytes)

Qs drummer

q_guitar.jpg (79011 bytes)

Qs guitarist

q_missy.jpg (77280 bytes)

Qs vocalist

nsn1.jpg (137557 bytes)

Never Say Never destroying our ears

nsn2.jpg (68694 bytes)

Never Say Never shredding your face